The Story of PÓG

PÓG is the Irish word for kiss.

And that, quite simply, is what PÓG is: an Irish Kiss. Hailed as the new alternative to the Claddagh ringPÓG asks us to wear love, to send love, to show love.

The idea for PÓG came to Melissa after returning to Ireland. Having spent fifteen years living and working as a designer in Paris, she felt a little lost. Feeling disconnected from her roots and her former world, she was stuck in-between lives. It was a solitary time. Her son who was three years old and his little kiss was always reassuring at the end of the day.

The Idea

The Symbol for PÓG is an X (kiss), a familiar letter that has become an affectionate symbol, be it digital or written. The idea is to merge the sentiment of the word 'kiss' in Irish (PÓG) and the 'little X' together.

Melissa loved the idea of sending Irish Kisses to people all over the world and felt there was a need for something new in Ireland to represent the progressive cultural context of today.

Jewellery with a kiss

PÓG is a simple yet meaningful keepsake and comes in a variety of colours. With so many different products, there’s a PÓG for every moment, big or small. It's a gift with meaning, it's jewellery with a kiss.

Whether it's someone you live with that needs some extra love and support, a friend abroad that couldn’t make it home or family that you're missing, everyone appreciates a kiss from a person they care about; we all need to feel love and reassurance.

PÓG is for all. Everyone needs love and PÓG is love. Wear love, send love, show love. Now, more than ever, send a kiss to someone you miss.