PÓG is conscious

Here is a little info about the more sustainable practices that we have developed in our studio and PÓG. Our company has invested heavily in building ethical and sustainable practices with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We believe in slower and more meaningful consumerism. We are happy to be part of the Eco Alliance with noissue, an innovative and sustainable platform. Noissue have built a progressive and action-oriented business model, planting a tree for every order placed, ensuring nature keeps her integrity and her force for the generations to come.

We are working with small artisan communities who have developed their practices in support of training and employing locals, driving economic independence for women and their children.

When the company was built from the grassroots five years ago, we made the decision to choose a simple and nature-friendly packaging. We work with a progressive German company that has developed a bow made of compressed plant extract. This bow looks and feels like porcelain but it is a biodegradable product (considered a bio-plastic), that decomposes when and if it reaches the earth.

We have also developed a strong CSR in support of young people's mental health, developing a campaign in support of Jigsaw. I have a son who suffers from anxiety, which has impacted his life and social activities, so I am well aware of the struggles that young people are facing, especially in a world of digital immersion. This campaign is one of the ways we show that we care and support local communities, wherever possible.