With concerts being announced, holidays being booked and nights out being well spent with loved ones, we are finally gaining their best years back. Yesterday, the government announced its budget for 2022 and their plans for spending it over the coming year and we want to share some positive aspects that shed a little light in the return to normality for us young people. 

Half Price Public Transport

From mid 2022, people between the ages of 19-23 will receive a 50% discount on public transport with the introduction of ‘Youth Travel Cards’. This is great news, especially for students and commuters.

Improvements in SUSI Grant

Another positive advancement included in the budget was the increase in the SUSI grant by €200 a year. Also there will be an increase in the threshold by €1000 to allow more applicants to receive the grant. Students deserve all the positive incentives of the budget over the coming months and hopefully this makes a significant difference in any financial strain. 

Free Contraception for women aged 17-25

A large part of the budget was allocated for different parts of the healthcare system but one plan that has stood out the most was the access for free contraception for women aged 17-25, from August next year. This is a very progressive move for Ireland in female healthcare and we hope that it is a step towards relieving financial stress regarding menstruation.